After a last edition highly debated to the chinese cultural world, this year, the project of the San Marino pavilion at the 58. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte is even more dedicated to international presences, with the "Friendship Project International". The 2019 edition project includes artists from various latitudes who will dialogue and contaminate the artists from the Republic of San Marino. With this new presence at the Venice Biennale, the Republic of San Marino once again proves to be a Republic open to the world and attentive to international culture.

The installations, videos and paintings on display will express the versatility of art in the world, where realistic painting will be associated with multimedia languages and new experimentation. The project, ambitiously aims to combine realism, pop art, abstraction, new languages, in an unicum, which has always been one of the features of the Venice Biennale since its inception.