Enrique Carbajal ("Sebastián") was born in Ciudad Camargo (Chihuahua), Mexico.With constructive vocation, he started the development of his sculptural language since the middle of 60’s supporting his work with scientific disciplines as mathematics and geometry, approaching to topology and crystallography. Sebastian’s work is generated at the moment that the artistic tendencies started, such as scientism, minimalism, op-art, pop-art etc. and since then he was expressed himself with creations as his Transformable Structures, Leonardo4, Durero4, Brancusi4 and mathematical models transformed in sculpture whom the mentioned digit makes reference to forth dimension. These works are signs of his interest for the participative art, fundamental concept of his first artistic motivations. It was then when he defined his vocation as sculptor with big dimensions causing urban interaction projects where the main actor was the spectator. In 1970 he had already published his Biggest Sculpture of the World, being by then only a conceptual manifest which he expected the creation of a sculpture so big that it was unable to be fit by The Globe and that some of its parts were shown in certain points of itself. As Sculptor of urban monumental work, Sebastian has nowadays carried out this project with more of 200 urban works in different places of the Planet. Thanks to satellite technology, it is today possible to register since the space several of his mega sculptures that are appreciated in multiple cities of the World.