Palazzo “Bollani”, located in Castello 3647, is a building whose monumental facade overlooks Rio della Pietà, whilst the other two facades constitute, respectively, one of the sides of Corte Bollani and part of one of the wings of the very narrow Calle Bollani; with reference to the other parts, the Palazzo is “wedged” between other buildings, and this is quite in keeping with the Venetian building fabric. This is an interesting Renaissance Palazzo, with an elegant, symmetrical composition, the structural facade is balanced both with reference to the development of its proportions, rather broader in the horizontal extension, as well as the restrained elegance of the pentaforum on the arched ceiling Ionic columns with the overlooking balcony, adorning the view over Rio della Pietà.

Featured artists: Chen Chengwei, Martina Conti , Giovanna Fra , Xu De Qi

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    Venice Castello 3647
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    TUE - FRI 11 AM - 6 PM SAT - SUN 10:30 AM - 6 PM