Gisella Battistini

Gisella Battistini, born in the Republic of San Marino, self-taught, has always cultivated the passion for painting. At twelve years she won the first prize at a contemporary painting competition and has been awarded two other times the year after. A few years later she began attending the "Laboratory of Art" in San Marino. From that moment on, a series of collective and personal exhibitions started. In 1992, she inaugurated her first personal career, followed by another nine in the following years, the latest in 2014, entitled "La vie en Roses". In the last years she has participated in group exhibitions and trade fairs in the Republic of San Marino and in several Italian cities (Padua, Verona, Cremona, Pavia, Bologna, Forlì, Rome, Naples, Palermo) and European cities (Paris, London, Barcelona , Innsbruck, Brussels, Koping), as well as exhibitions in video projection in Milan, Florence, Paris, Washington, New York, Hollywood. In her biography there is a curious fact: Paul McCartney published in Fan Club magazine, a work she donated to London in 1987, something that does not happen to everyone and which has paved the way for her successes.

Vita appesa a un filo
Non ho parole