For the first time students involved in the Venice Biennale of Art with Yishan artist

For the first time students of an Artistic High School will be directly involved in the Biennale: 15 artworks for 15 young artists, revisited by chinese artist "Yishan". The students' artworks have been sent to Yishan, in China, who operated on their artworks, giving life to a 4-handed work between the artist and the young students. "It's not just about bringing students and young people into the Biennale, trying to involve them actively for the first time - said Vincenzo Sanfo, curator of the San Marino's Pavilion - but also "infecting" the artworks of the participating artists, building new languages and comparisons between different generations and peoples, which is then the "fil rouge" of the whole Pavilion. Offer to the students, not only the opportunity to exhibit in the context of the Biennale, but to work also in contact with a major chinese artist such as Yishan, means helping them to grow up, so that San Marino's Pavilion can proceed with conviction in this path that allowed us with this edition to collect once more many consents, both in Italy and internationally. " The students selected and involved are: ARB 2017, Nicola Andjelic, Debora Crosera, Ruggero D'Autilia, Beatrice De Marchi, Camilla Digito, Iman El Alani, Luca Ferro Pattai , Martina Lugato, Giovanni Mantia, Marino Marinoni, Anna Orlandini, Elena Pancera, Giacomo Piovesan, Lorenzo Praitano.