Sisto Righi

The artist Sisto Righi was born on 3rd october 1958 in San Marino where he still lives and works. Righi has traveled so much and has worked in Africa as a volunteer for 5 years. Back in San Marino he studied sociology, psychiatry and addictions and has worked as an educator. Inside the Atelier who learned the basics of ceramics, working with users and having the opportunity to test since the second half of the 90's for over 15 years. In 2011 he begun to be interested in sculpture and met through mutual friends, Roberta Giovannini Onniboni, sculptor and artisan of Pietrasanta (Tuscany) who put at his disposal not only his Atelier but especially his great knowledge of sculptural art. He is interested in experimenting and combining different materials ranging from wood to pottery to stone etc., up to the last artworks with the use of marble. A very intense and fruitful trip, probing in and out of the artist, improving his deep relashionship with nature. He has participated in several national and international collective exhibition and has made two solo shows in San Marino, the first at the private gallery "Works in Progress gallery" and at State Museums as well as many participations in many galleries such as:

The Brick Lane Gallery in London, the International Association of Spoleto Arts, Maf Forli, Minato Mirai Gallery Tokyo, different editions of Nott'Arte San Marino and several editions of the House of the Artists at the sculptures park of Santanna del Furlo sculptures (Fossombrone, Marche).