Palazzo Giustinian Recanati Liceo Artistico Marco Polo

The Art School currently has two locations: the central one in the Giustiniani palace and a branch in the cloister of the Holy Spirit.
The high school was built with the Gentile reform of 1923 and was settled in the Convent of Charity, together with the Academy of Fine Arts.
The Palazzo Giustiniani-Recanati, where today is located the headquarters, has an origin fourteenth.
In 1626 it was bought by Basadonna families and Contarini-Zorzi who made renovate the inside relative to the ground floor, the main floor and second floor including balconies with balustrades. The project, if it was not to Longhena, certainly had his workshop. Certainly it appears that on February 18, 1627, was made in Longhena a contract to work on the design of the facade.
On the main floor there are frescoes, stucco and mirrors stucco almost certainly nineteenth century and two chimneys, the first and second floor, well made.
The palace, which later on came to Giustiniani, in 1889 it was donated to the town by the wife of Giobatta Giustinian, Elizabeth Michiel Giustiniani, to host a famous Venetian municipal school, the High School female, istitutita in 1869, after the donation, he moved to that seat and remained there until it closed in 1916.
The building was accessed by terà rio of Charity through the garden. Still at your garden gateway you can read the license plate of "High School Female".
In the building of the Art School there are two plates relative to the Female Secondary School, one remembers the donor and the other activities the teacher and director Rosa Square.
In 1917 the building housed the elementary school S. Samuel, whose classrooms were used as barracks. In the 50s it was the seat of the faculty of architecture. He shifted the power to Tolentini in 1964, at the end of the 70s, began the restoration of the building to settle the Art School, which opened in 1983.

Featured artists: Sisto Righi, Patrizia Taddei, Marco Tentoni, Yishan

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Palazzo Giustinian Recanati
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