Fu Yuxian

Born in Chongqing in 1963. Chongqing Art Museum Professional Oil Painter, Beishang Contemporary Art Research Association chairman, poet, international independent curator, international hotel art specialist´╝îUnited States Fashion and Art Research Association academician, Xina University college of fine arts visit graduate student tutor, Tianjin University Architectural Design Institute, versatile artist.

Art works used to be showed in United Nations Headquarters Hall, Grand Palais, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yokohama Museum of Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Today Art Museum, Times Museum, Enjoy Art Museum, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, CAFA Art Museum, Jiangsu Art Museum, Hubei Museum of Art, Sichuan Fine Art Institute Tank Loft, Chenshia Museum, 53 Art Museum. Curating The 35th and 36th Japan AJAC International Artists Invitation Exhibition, , and working as curator about The 6th International Art Festival in Songzhuang: Chongqing Exhibition Part, The 3rd Huangjueping International Art Festival, Emei Contemporary Art Festival, 2015 Stimmung und Tmperatur: Dusseldorf X Chongqing China Fest-Chongqing Kulturveranstaltung in Dusseldorf and art directer of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Art Business Center.
2015 “Best Contemporary Painting” and “Achievement Award”of The Asian Week the Renowned Chinese Exhibition
2015 “Distinguished academician” of United States Fashion and Art Research Association
2014 “Special Contribution Award” and be the judge of the 5th National College Art Competition
2012 “Excellent Works” of  Professional Art Academy Painting Exhibition  of Chinese Large Cities
2007 “ Best Artist of the year” of The 33rd Japan AJAC International Artists Invitation Exhibition