Xu De Qi

Xu De Qi and 'born in Jinan in January 1964 he studied at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and at the Shandong Normal University where he has taught since 1991.

Please note the following exhibitions: 1996 participation in the exhibition of the Association for Studies on 'art in 1997 destroyed a selected for the Biennale of Shandong in 1999 and' was invited to the exhibition of the artists Shandong for the 50 anniversary of the People's Republic of China in 2002 and 'was invited and honored at the exhibition of the artists of Shandong.

2004 'was invited to exhibit at the 10th session of the exhibition dedicated to the art in China's Shandong province in 2005, and' was selected for the exhibition Landscape Shandong 2009 and 'was selected for the exhibition "Qi Lu Feng Qing" in 2010 and 'was invited to exhibit in Italy at the exhibition "Blurring" to be held' in Turin, Rome and Cosenza. E 'was also invited to exhibit, with a solo, the Biennale of Sabbioneta.