Elisa Monaldi

The artistic training of Elisa Monaldi began with Ceramics.
She studied in Faenza the craftsmanship of clay and  decoration and at the Museum of Ceramics in Faenza (MIC) she continued her studies on art teaching.

Following the experience of Faenza, Elisa started  University in 2002, when she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, where she obtained a first and second level degree.

The first experiences in arts took place during her university years, with artists and curators linked the academy.
Since 2007,  Elisa is working in her laboratory in San Marino.

She has participated in solo and colletive exhibitions organized by young Italian curators in private and public spaces, both in Italy and abroad. A small selection of exhibitions: "La Pierre de la Folie" exhibition curated by A. Zanchetta, Centre of Contemporary Dolomites, Belluno. "Parusie", group exhibition, Gallery LEM, Sassari. "Without appeal" group show, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, San Marino. "Guest", double show with the artist D. Henderson, San Marino, "Border Transit" exhibition  at 91mq Gallery Berlin. 53° Biennale di Arte Venezia, pad. San Marino.