PROFESSIONAL CINEMA DAYS IN VENICE 74┬░Venice International Film Festival During the last "Venice Film Festival", on Saturday 2nd September 2017, the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino has set up a special event at "Lexus Lounge" in Venice-Lido: the outstanding installation "Migrant Aliens" by the chinese artist Fu Yuxiang, one of the most interesting and visionary artist of our time. A platoon of Aliens sculptures among the visitors of the Venice Film Festival, extraordinary installation of huge impact and popularity. The event, organized in collaboration with Blu & Blu and ANEC ("Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Cinema"), has the aim to create a link between cinema and art. Special guest for the introduction of this project has been the italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta. "The San Marino Pavilion represented a connexion point among different cultures and particularly with chinese culture" emphasises Vincenzo Sanfo, Artistic Director of the pavilion. "We therefore, have been delighted to receive the invitation to attend the Venice Film Festival as the union and contamination among various forms of art as it is, a powerful tool for an exchange of views with the Other, with the Alien, with the unexpected."