Margherita Mauro

Born in Chiusa di Pesio (Piedmont) on 13 April 1941, Margherita Mauro is a lyric soprano by profession, having graduated from the G. Verdi Conservatory in Turin. She has toured in both Europe and America. She teaches artistic and modern singing and performance art. For a long time now, she has dedicated herself to painting and, above all, to sculpture. She has exhibited her works in various locations, in both solo and group shows, in Italy and overseas. A leading art critic defi nes the essence of her work in the following concise comment: «...besides her paintings, which are characterised by a strong, allusive gesture-sign, when studying Margherita Mauro one is stuck; in particular, by her sculptures, inasmuch as these works express a new, original conception of plastic art, brimming with repressed energy, which reveals itself in forms worthy of all the dignity of bronze».