EVENT- Giovanna Fra

Giovanna Fra graduated in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine
Arts with a thesis on John Cage and the relationship between art
and music in the ‘900. At the same time she has been studiyng
conservative restoration in Milan and Venice.
Her creative vision has privileged the dynamic physicality of color
in relation to the various consistencies of the material, fixing
in the immediacy of the gesture instants of suspension and
rarefaction moments.
Her first exhibition took place in 1991 at the historic Bar Jamaica
of Brera in Milan.
Among the public and private exhibitions we can mention:
“Rumore bianco”, St. Ambroeus Church and Bellino of Vicenza.
“Fugaci cromie”, Palazzo del Broletto in Pavia. “Arte aniconica”,
Casa del Mantegna, Mantua. “Tempus-time”, Civic Museums
of Pavia. “Carte italiane”, Borges Institute, Buenos Aires.
“Dialogo tra generazioni, dal Futurismo ai giorni nostri”, Italian
Embassy, Cairo. “Quattro volti”, the Italian Institute of Brussels.
“Michelangelo today”, Westend Galerie, Frankfurt. “Texture”,
Mondadori Store Duomo in Milan, in the same year exhibits
“Fil Rouge” at V.I.U. Island of San Servolo within the Architecture
Venice Biennale. In 2015 he is invited to the charity event
“Convivio” in Milan and to the collective exhibition “Nothing
is real”, M.A.O (Oriental Art Museum) Turin, follows the solo
exhibition “Lo Do La Fra” at Palazzo Coveri, Florence. On the
occasion of the solo exhibition “Paesaggi sonori” at the Farinelli
Rotta Gallery of Genoa, she presents the her Catalogue
(Skira edition) curated by Luca Beatrice and Vittorio Sgarbi.
Recent are the lighting installations at the Castello Visconteo
in Pavia, where she celebrated her 25 years career.

  • Country: Italy